Mercedes-Benz E-Class Review (MY 2017 E-Class) 2016

The all-new 10th generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class has arrived and brings not only a sharp new look and range of efficient engines, but a staggering array of technology that may cement the new Mercedes as the most advanced passenger car on the road.

We drive the E300 - a 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine with 180kW and 370Nm. It isn't the most powerful engine in the range but it pulls well and handles urban and highway cruising duties well. All models in the new E-Class line up receive the 9G-Tronic 9-speed automatic transmission.

The new E-Class features a wide -screen high-resolution digital dashboard which can be controlled by thumb pads on the steering wheel. The car has a semi-autonomous driving mode and a host of accident avoidance awareness technology.
In this business when we talk about changing the game we made a car has come out that basically realize the benchmark for what consumers can expect. And right now it's the 2016 mercedes-benz e-class a car that aside from its sharp, executive styling and range of efficient and modern engines has so much technology on board that it could very well be the most advanced passenger car in the world.

When we first saw pictures of the new a-class caused a bit of controversy, people saying are you driving a a big c class or a small s class but no one said you were driving anything other than mercedes-benz and you know what that's.

What the brand wants have to say looking at it in the the mid-size configuration. It's a very sharp smart and modern looking executive today. Now this is that ate 300 a car that's going to replace the e250 as we know it, in Australia and probably be the volume seller.

it's got an updated 4 cylinder 2-liter turbo petrol engine with a hundred kilowatts and 370 newton meters of torque. There's going to be diesels other petrels including the z400 4matic. All-wheel drive version and a couple of a MJ's down the line including a big boy A 63.

Now at the back you've got those lovely LED tail lamps and of course being an eClass a big boot the app going , had a 540 later boot this is as big if not bigger but with one difference.

you've got a three way switch on the 2nd row to make it extra convenient for big stuff like camera tripod. it's never knew a class has an extra 65 millimeters of wheelbase which Mercedes say translates to a lot more interior room but I'm six foot three and a bit.
And i have to say i'm not actually that comfortable my toes are quite tightly jammed under the driver's seat which is in my position which is forced my thighs to sit a little bit higher off the reinvention.

I don't know if this would be right for a long journey that said you've got, events in the center console and in the b-pillar a really nice digital climate control display and of course a center armrest with cup holders but we're not here to talk about the back seat of the new a-class all of the amazing technology that will separate this car from well pretty much everything else on the road is up there.

Well hop into the new a class with a planting and kate and you get a proper wow moment when you see the new dashboard between screens high resolution that looks basically like to ipad stuck together, you've got the standard instrument display here plus them because information systems in for time and of course navigation. Now all of this can be configured with these touch pads on the steering wheel, what this allows you to do is easily change the information that's on these screens and take the car up to date with what you're doing.

While on the move without taking your eyes off the road but if you think this is cool. You wait to see some of the driving stick to the right. Now there's so many new features and technologies that have been put into the new a class that to go through it all honestly will be here all week there's safety systems driver assistance systems.

And even some pretty cool tech around the cabin that make the a-class just that little bit more special so rather than go through everything just gonna pick some of the cool stuff, that helps you as a driver but also some of the key safety initiatives from society's as close as well I guess some traits that are around the cabin.
Well let's start things off with a little bit of a fun light-hearted approach the lighting any interior can be selected from one of 64 different colors.

There's a neon strips that basically run underneath the dash elements and around the doors and basically light up the cabin at night and in fact on the cars brightest setting. it's pretty intense it's a little bit like a like a nightclub. You can of course dial it down if you don't like the electric blue that we've gone with the moment to make it a little bit more subtle but it's certainly.

Something a little bit clever and just the start of the personalization options. That come from the technology on the a class on the main screen for the driver. You can choose from three different styles sport a traditional and what they call progressive which is what we're on there which gives you a big Center digital speedometer and tackle.

You've got two screens either side i'm currently running a trip and fuel economy made up as well as a sub navigation spring that this car also has a heads-up display which are found. I'm not actually using because the screen is so good at giving me the information that I need.

I don't need to take my eyes off either it all the road so the two thumb pads on the wheel of very intuitive to use and you find it doesn't take that much attention away from the road in order to change the screens to get what you want to do you can configure what you want on the left and the right to make it a little bit more of a personalized treatment that you can even save down to a USB transport to another cat now the main spring which I've got running the navigation of the moment can even be split so you can have nav and perhaps your audio. But it also handles any of the main menu functions for configuring the car for either your seats.

The air conditioning or any of the other myriad settings available your fingertips but enough about entertainment as the big murder drive on these winding Portuguese back streets. I have to say it's quite impressive we've got the car in comfort mode now which perhaps is a little bit floaty when it comes to directional steering. But it's a very comfortable ride hitting a pothole in comfort bow.

You will feel it and hear it because obviously the two-stage air suspension cylinders are at the most open at that point that will allow the wheel to move up and down very quickly. It's not crazy it's not upsetting but it's just a bit louder than it would be.

If the valves were tightened which you can do is what you get into sport mode and sport is probably my favorite setting it changes the would be waiting on the steering wheel and firm up the suspension just a little bit and it gives you a little bit more.

I guess direct involvement with the car now that said it's not quite as tight as a BMW which really is the benchmark for the driver engagement in this segment to say for most people it's going to do most things very well.

Now this is the e 300 which replaces the 215 air market will probably be the top seller to later four-cylinder you know what it pulls ok there's enough power here. You don't obviously feel like you're ready to race anybody. But it's adequate for running around town as typical with the Mercedes turning his light and it's a very very easy car to drive when you are at slow speeds particularly in comfort can feel like a big ish car. But it's never unmanageable even on these tiny type Portuguese back streets.

I just hope we don't need a bus and what we head over to the freeway to demonstrate some of the more advanced driver assistance stuff we came through here and not yesterday evening and the new adaptive LED headlamps are quite amazing when the road opens up and it knows that you need some extra lighting you see the LED being basically open like a curtain to expand for a wider vision to allow you to make sure that you've got adequate visibility on both sides of the road and of course as with the other modern adaptive le des systèmes it blocks out other cars both coming towards you and in front of you.

And you have this really clever moving black bloc of light that shields other cars from the glare of your head labs. Now one thing that has been a little bit of a downer of the new e-class is.

The fuel consumption of these cars up properly run in this one sent over 4,000 kilometers and we still sing well certainly fifty percent more than it should do at the space according to mercedes-benz.

I'm sitting around 11.9 latest four hundred and I reset it when i started the drive and I really have been just playing around and whether or not that's a mixture of the new cars or the fuel or whatever we really will obviously pay close attention to that women cars arrive on local soil but at the moment it seems a little bit high and I don't think we'll be hitting any of mercedes as claimed figures.

Their safety is obviously an area where mercedes-benz have always led the way in the new a clases absolutely no exception there are so many passive and active systems on this car. That's a list of all would probably take about an hour some of the standouts include a very clever system that in the event of an accident when the car knows that there will be a collision.

It plays what we've nicknamed the brown noise which is a bit of white noise static comes through the stereo speakers which basically interrupt the pressure on your inner ear so you don't suffer hearing damage from the accident. Now the cabin overall is very impressive it's obviously an update of the new floating center console that we saw in the same class.

The material choices excellent and the customization choice is very broad allowing you to build a very personalized a class to suit your tastes even this car without a lever stitch dashboard or any of the fatty stuff is a very very nice place to be and the car overall is extremely quiet. The only wind noise we really see is from the glass sunroof.

There's still some things that personally don't really work for me the bank of buttons here on the center stack as in the c-class a fine i have to kind of relearn every time I'm in the car. Particularly for the air conditioning controls one cool thing that I like.

We're coming through traffic here you've got a passive ultrasonic array around, the car for your parking sensors is always didn't noticing how close we are to curves and the car in front that. We get an overlay on the navigation screen here just to let us know how close were getting to either bolo out on the side of the road or the little fear pan or ahead of us and going over the cobblestones back there.

It's a little bit noisy through the run flat tires but honestly you're going to get that in any time and it's still a very comfortable and easy to live with. Compliant ride move onto the freeway however and the new a class cruisers but nothing else on the road but now for some of the more impressive driver.

Assist party tricks are going to drop onto the freeway and have a look at the new dr pilot which is the extension to the already impressive district plus system now to initiate drive pilot it's the same as cruise control and any other massages you basically tap the stop' towards you.

Set your speed where I've got a hundred twenty kilometers an hour on the system nail and the car will look after itself obviously measuring distance to the vehicles in front to ensure you maintain a solid and safe gap but there's a little bit of a difference.

You may have seen a few years ago we showed you an example of the steering assist on the e 400 estate which made minor corrections to the steering. Without driver input on the wheel of this cat system takes it a step further. So we're sitting here doing a hundred and twenty kilometers an hour in the middle line and I'm going to take my hands off the wheel. The car's got a sitting down here you can see it a little grain steering wheel icon and it's basically making all the adjustments in my online for me.

That's looking at the cars ahead with maintaining a distance but check out this to change lanes. I simply put my finger on the indicator and the car moves across to make an overtaking move. And then we'll move back as i put the indicator on again back into the previous length with all without my input on the steering wheel, obviously this is not something that we all mercedes condone you shouldn't be.

Just sitting here having your hands instead of driving but it's there to make sure that the car is understanding and cognizant of that surroundings and is obviously the first step towards for autonomy. And the sightings that we just received a warning on our heads up despite to say put your hands back on the wheel if i was going to continue driving. And not touch the wheel but I would assume there's a problem with me as the driver.

And gradually slow down at 60 kilometers now would trigger the hazard lights to let other vehicles know that there's an issue with this car and it would basically come to a complete and safe halt.

Another cool system that we sadly won't be getting in Australia is the ability to adjust the cruise control speed as the car sees a speed sign so as we came through a tollbooth before where the spades go from a hundred and twenty-two 8260 the cars cruise control system through three district adjusts. And basically slows down to take you through the toll booth at 60 kilometers an hour.

As soon as you threw accelerates back up to a hundred and twenty without any input on the pills at all so here's the fun tip we don't get that in Australia because I'll speed signs and not stand.

Plus if you have a look at the back of a truck they have a an actual red circle with a hundred written on the back to e is signified the speed limitation. Now if the Mercedes was to see that rather than the actual speed sign and speed up to a hundred kilometers an hour in maybe a 60 zone is no good for anyone.

Now all of the new a-class models that were initially going to say australia will feature the new nine gtronic automatic transmission that this 9 speed is a very very smooth and easy to live with gearbox particularly in drive. And in the comfort drive motors we are now you don't notice gear changes and you find its always selected a gear that's pretty right for your conditions.

Obviously if you need to sort of jump on the throttle and overtake someone you've got a minor delay is the car figures out what you need to do but it does have a learning mechanism so we'll get used to your driving style and particularly if you do change modes a lot.

You'll be finding that the gearbox will adapt to what you want from it and honestly it's pretty impressive. Now before you will jump on the YouTube comments and say you haven't found anything negative to say.

Trust me I've been looking there's not really that much to start picking around the cup given that we've only had a short amount of time with it it has we say with a lot of mercedes models.

It may not be the best of everything BMW will probably give you a slightly more dynamic experience and Paddy a better integrated technology one things like the command navigation.

Beautiful screen and it's a beautiful implementation but it's still not a perfect user-based experience that said let's try to pick some holes in it because honestly it's pretty good and for the majority of buyers who are looking for a smart good-looking.

Well appointed executive saloon in this segment the new a-class is absolutely not going to disappoint or as a package the all-new 2016 8 classes undeniably impressive it looks smart this tech is in a word it's mind-blowing.

The the capability that this cat has particularly in this segment now okay the back seat could probably be a little bit more comfortable on the ride a little less firm.

Plus it seems pretty firstly to us but let's wait until we get one on local shores to see how that goes on our roads in our spec but right now if you're thinking about one of these it will be worth away.

On Sale: June 2016

Base Price: $53,500 (projection)

Drivetrain: 2.0-liter turbocharged I4, nine-speed automatic, rear- or all-wheel drive

Output: 241 hp @ 5500 rpm, 273 lb-ft from 1200 rpm

Curb Weight: 3902 lbs

0-60 MPH: 0-60 mph, 6.4 sec (est); 150 mph top speed (manufacturer)

Fuel Economy: 34 mpg (converted from EU cycle)(EPA City/Hwy/Combined)

Pros: Distinctive look, and a great choice for early adaptors to semi-autonomous driving technology

Cons: Engine is a throwback to early days of E-Class, without the manual. Steep for a 2.0 turbo

Mercedes_Benz E-Class History
The E-Class Saloons and Estates is Mercedes-Benz' best-selling model with more than 13 million sold by 2015.[1] Though originally available as 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon, the W212 series in 2009 debuted a 2-door coupé and 2-door convertible. Before that, the Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class' (1997-2009) design and styling was derived from the E-Class although technically it was based on the mechanical underpinnings of the smaller C-Class. Due to the E-Class's size and durability, it have filled many market segments, frequently serve as taxis in European and Asian countries, and special-purpose vehicles (e.g., police or ambulance modifications) from the factory.
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