Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class SUV Review 2016

The mercedes-benz e-class is a four wheel drive luxury SUV sometimes called

G wagon which also refer to a cross-country vehicle it is manufactured

in Austria and sold by mercedes-benz. Today I'm proud to present to you

it's 115 G50 just beautifully and dakota brown exterior the G-wagen is                           
characterized by its box is bowing and body-on-frame construction and uses
three fully locking differential one of the few vehicles to have such a feature
despite the introduction of an intended replacement the unibody SUV gl-class in
2006 EG class is still in production and it's one of the longest produce Mercedes
been in dental history with it span of 35 years.

The Sport Styling Package adds an aggressive body kit, a two-bar grille,

a sport-tuned suspension, 18-inch twin five-spoke alloy wheels and sport interior trim.

DG class which was suggested by scharon at the time is significant Mercedes
shareholder was originally developed to X our military municipal as well as
civilian duty


$38,950 MSRP*
  • Horsepower@ 5,550 rpm 

    241 hp

  • Torque@ 1,300-4,000 rpm 
  • 273 lb-ft


$40,950 MSRP*
  • Horsepower@ 5,500 rpm 

    241 hp

  • Torque@ 1,300-4,000 rpm 

    273 lb-ft

             the a mystical eh let's design of the g-class appear reflection of the
character within its flat glass window were designed to make emergency
replacement easier in the most remote area of the work even with its modern
detail it remains and complicated and compromise and functional with the shape
and size that maximize interior space while minimizing overhang for a better
maneuverability DG class also comes equipped with brilliant accents which
showcase polished chrome and stainless still which highlight the enduring
quality of the g-class up front
a chrome front grille watch from the comfrey ball grill and he'll attempt by
xenon headlamps and LED daytime running left as far as high intensity
retractable hill and washer are standard on the g550 at the bottom you can see
the payoff corner illuminating front left which help you to negotiate a times
corner illuminating front lip shine toward the entire time
activated by turning the steering world are using the turn signal
old speed and here's a closer look at the grill with the mercedes-benz logo in
the middle
it also comes with intermittent rain-sensing windshield wiper with
adjustable speed
this particular model comes standard with 18 inch between fast book now our
world featuring distinctive twin spark and a shimmering silver finish with two
6560 aussie than tired behind the world is the set of internally ventilated
breakers and for peace on brake caliper painted silver

these specific g550 defender the eighth batch on each vendor and a look at the
rock stainless steel running boards too easy entry and exit and here's the body
color side view mirrors with integrated LED turn signal indicator on top is the
sunroof that can be turned off of installation or slide open for an
open-air feeling real world also 18 inches and comes with two 6560 Aussies
and tired
it also comes with adaptive breaking technology which integrate to use for
advances during up you start
you started this help prevent row back and a break whole feature that can help
make long red light stop traffic or even off road win over a little easier
- the back you see the small unique square tell them with integrated brake
lamp as well as turn signal
parkassist and reverse light also built into the rear bumper as you can see and
there's the towing hitch with a tonne capacity of 7,000 pounds and as the
light plug and the real Marik for size bear tired is protected by a cover trim
in polished stainless steel and you do need a lock to open the rear spare tire
on top is de real camera were to activate once the vehicles in reversed
to help with a much easier back up
okay here i have remote on the remote after Panik lock and unlock now let's
open it up and check out the interior
the exterior colors known as the color brown exterior featuring two-tone
interior color black and the signal possible in napa leather interior with
premium dr. trims and silver aluminum terms to out very modern-looking
now let's jump into the driver's seat started up and see how it sound so to
start up the vehicle
just insert the key into decay diction located on the right turn it wants to
now let's pop the hood and see what the - 10:15 g550 have to offer
under the hood is a 5.5 litre v8 engine
constructed with that cast a lower block and I long hit our wheel drive with
two-speed transfer case seven-speed automatic transmission with steering
wheel mounted paddle shifter pushing out 382 horsepower and 391 pound-feet on
can't hear from 0 to 60 in about six seconds top speed is electronically
limited I 155 miles power in the US
epa-estimated fuel economy is rated at 12 cd15 highway and 13 combined
now shut it down and take a detailed look at the interior and here is a
closer look at the driver side door panel
it is black and the signal possible nappa leather interior in the middle
with the position memory sitting are for windows are fully automatic and there's
the side view mirror controlled and it does feature folded option
there's the power adjustment seat and the door lock and unlock
storage compartment on the door and the harman kardon surround sound speaker
mercedes-benz aluminum daughter and there's the sport pedal
both front seats does feature heated and ventilated options with the signal
badging on the back rest
and then the sea to have the storage compartment both front seats feature
10-way power adjustable front seat
including 4-way power lumbar support a memory system for driving seat we called
restore position for the seat Stan world and outside mirror
and look at the rug stainless steel running boards that is your entry and
exit the four spoke design spoon was fully wrapped leather with top and
bottom which sections and silver aluminum terms in the middle looks and
feel very nice
featuring more time function control side by side for your convenience with
controls for audio voice command as well as the most frequent use function in the
vehicle behind the steering wheel you have the up-and-down paddle shifter
so you can put it in manual mode for more aggressive ride and look at the 4.5     .     
inch color instrument cluster display that let you control the ad mortem
function soon world and on the left you have to windshield wiper controlled as
wise to turn signal light controlled
there's the district setting
and stand well does feature power tilt and telescopic steering column to the
left you have the driver side event free and front fog light as well as the light
controlled and here's a closer look at the -
now the g550 also comes standard with Harman Kardon logic 7 sound system that
specifically engineer for the g-class this premium digital sound system feels
to cabin with 400 feet to watch a beautifully balanced audio for both you
and your passenger and looking at the center stack you see the large more time
eater screen which offer very modern looking beautiful which rooms and
aluminum terms in the middle there you have the suspension setting
on the left you have two different sources
volume on and off one day
very nice sound quality on the right you have to telephone keypad and down here
you have your heated and ventilated seats options traction on enough
emergency has a light and as they do a climate-controlled astray Paradise which
rims and dance the gearbox
let's just press the unlock button and push up for reversed and once you
reverse the back up camera will be on the multimeter screen and slightly down
for neutral down again for drive and that's when you can use the steering
wheel mounted paddle shifter to change gear as well and press P for Park very
easy to use
now here you have the multimedia control you can scroll down and up around to
move around screen and as you can see the system is very responsive
you can push it down to select and move it up down right left
very easy to use and there you have your     volt power outlet and as the hand
parking brake and then you also have two more time control front seat which
feature triple lumbar support as well as an adjustable side bolster and shoulder
support allowing you to custom tailor your seats
- precisely feed your sick
there's also one feature on the front passenger seat center storage
compartment with a USB and media interface cable
handle on the dash and nasty glove box component that do a cup holder and a
closer look at the front seat there Nate upholstery material
all right on top you have to link controlled
as well as the SOS button to use in case of an emergency and then you have to one
touch open closed until sun roof
as well as the automatics and shade
you also have to net there for the front passenger and look at the rear view
mirror with    -button universal garage door opener and buys a mirror with
Alcantara headliner
now let's take a look at the rear seat rear seats does office sitting for three
and it does feature folded option you can fold it down to 60 40 split for more
cargo space
and here's a look at the drive rear driver side door panel
it does feature heated option for the rear seat and rear window it's also
automatic there you have the ashtray start component
mercedes-benz aluminum . till now let's jump into the rear seats and see how it
is in the back but first let me show you to look to the front cabin again very
modern-looking cabins and here's to look to the top
down here you have the Dorsai event and do a cup holders as well as the 12 volt
power outlet
ok I'm 58 and isn't how much leg room I have left and head rooms of very
spacious on top you have to like and child
don't handle one on each side
they're comfortable in the back and here's to look to the back
ok now let's pop the trunk and see how much congress bay strong offer
so the trunk in the g550 offer very decent cargo space with both of the
receipt up
now you can always fold down the rear seat and get the total of seventy five
point one cubic feet of cargo space there you also have to 110 AC plug with
our 100 watts
ok gas cap is located on the passenger side and it does require premium a lady
feeling lonely and hold approximately twenty five . four gallons of you
overall the - 10:15 g550 is a luxury SUV with seating for five passengers second
row seat is very spacious and can fit almost any size adult comfortably
the front cabins however offer very generous amount of space for anyone to
be real comfortable even on a long road trip
not to mention the great leather upholstery material that will add more
comfort to your body
it also feature premium which rooms and aluminum terms throughout the cabin and
another look to the back
now let's jump into the front passenger seat and see how it is in the front
very spacious and comfortable in front seat
they also have the little cup holder
alright guys that is it for today's review I hope you guys enjoyed                     -
2016 Mercedes Benz G550 Base listed @ $115,400
The one Feature on this Video with Options Listed @ $120,025
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